San Francisco Marathon 08

My first marathon





One thing I knew about this event was I didn't want to drive to it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to drive back and I didn't want to have to worry about finding parking. Getting back from there would be easy. The question was just getting there that early on a Sunday as public transportation doesn' t really start until 8AM, two hours after my start time. In the end I said Forget about it and decided to call a taxi after I was dressed and fed. That worked out.




The Run


I arrived a few blocks from the start about 25 minutes before my 6:05 start time. After I dropped my bag off I realized I had the times wrong and my start was really a half hour later. I decided to forget about that as well and leave two waves ahead of mine.


My plan was to settle into good habits in the first couple miles and then stick with those. That worked out pretty good.



I think that woman is actually sleeping on that pole.


One thing us full people all noticed was how whiny the half people were and how there were only people shouting encouragement at the half people. At one point, I think it was around mile 18 a guy yelled  Way to go halfers! You're past halfway! And I turned to him and said "I think the Full folks are technically past halfway as well". He just kinda stared at me, no smile or anything.




I am so glad I decided last minute to keep those arm warmers with me on the run. It was so cold on the Golden Gate bridge that if I didn't have them I would have had gosh darn less fun.



About two or three miles from the ball park I realized I did not have to concentrate on my running form any more as it was the only way my body could continue to move forward.

The Finish


Finishing is great!




There were blue potato chips at the end not a lot of my usual after race snacks. I pretty much got out of there quick and got to BART for the trip home. I stopped off in downtown Oakland at Pacific Coast Brew Company and then took the 51 bus to my house.