CalBeers Racing Team


There are great beers in California and there are some great rides and races. Thatís what weíre all about



Pictures from the Road



You can contact us at:

dave at calbeers dot com



Stone Brew Company (stone) whose sales rep gave us stickers when he saw us wearing their jerseys, Ruination IPA and Arrogant Bastard which we wore at Wildflower this year. (picture to the left on Lynch hill)


Anderson Valley Brewing Company (avbc) who contributed stickers and sells us Hop Ottin IPA


North Coast Brewing Company (ncbc) who gave us ACME IPA pint glasses to keep.


Pliny the Elder/Younger, although we canít plug the brewery because they never gave us anything.




BeerFest 09í


The Europe 09í




San Francisco Marathon


Vineman 70.3


Crazy Training Techniques Part 1 and Part 2


Escape From Alcatraz


Wildflower 70.3


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Tour of San Jose Ĺ Marathon


Running with the Raiders


Knee Surgery


Training with Fear


Kaiser SF half marathon

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Three Triís in Three Weeks


Northcoast Beer Makers Century



Or, are you so drunk you canít spell Cal Bears? Go here There are great beers in California, some are even close to the campus, but you wouldnít know that because you canít spell.